I want to take this opportunity to tell you about the extremely small team behind Ardur – a one person ‘team’ and what drove me to create this site called Ardur. I’m gonna be completely honest, I initially created Ardur to learn the art of building a website and all areas it comes with, like SEO, marketing, social media, but to also write about something I love, fashion.

How did I come up with the idea of creating a blog about fashion? I love fashion, but for me is not only following the latest trends. To me, fashion is something you feel and is about wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. It expresses who you are. Every person has their own style and I love people who stay true to their style, their own uniqueness. So I wanted to create a site with items that is based on my own personal style and my liking and hopefully I inspire someone.

I’m Marie, born in Sweden but currently live in Malta. From a young age I have been around fashion. Growing up, my mother owned a small clothing store for kids and I always liked going there, dressing up and trying on new outfits. But it wasn’t until my 30’s I found my own style and comfort in what my style is. My own style is very simple and comfortable; denim, t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. But it took some time until I got here and staying true to my own style. How did I end up here? Just wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, because the more comfortable you feel the more you will shine. 

Hope you like this post and continue to follow Ardur, wanna see other post than click here.