Fashion made simple
Ardur believe that fashion can be simple, just stay true to who you are and you will shine!
Show a stylish fashion

β€œStyle is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” β€” Rachel Zoe

Display a simple fashion

Our lead words for fashion; Simple, Modern, Casual, Timeless, Comfortable!


Ardur is an old french word which stands for passion and we couldn’t think of a better word for this site. A word that express our love for fashion but most of all, a passion that is close to our hearts.

We want to write about various fashion trends that focus on comfortable and timeless items that anyone can wear but also feel good in at the same time. For us fashion is not only about looking great, but for us the biggest upside with fashion is that it allows us to express who we are. We love pieces that allows us to express the inner parts of an individual, who they really are. That is fashion for us.

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